Monday, January 8, 2018

Yup. Time to look at 2017

Okay, 2017 has gone by. How was the year for gaming for me?

I set a number of goals for the year. Not to buy any new games. To do a 10x10 goal. To do a lot more print-and-play projects. To limit my Kickstarters to PnP files and under a tight budget. To play more face-to-face games.

I didn’t achieve all my goals but I feel like I came out ahead in general.

Strictly speaking, I didn’t buy any ‘new’ games. I did buy used copies of Qwixx, Rolling America, The Butterfly Garden and Famous Fairways. Since I spent less than ten dollars total and they take up almost no shelf space and are games we can get in in a week night, no regrets.

My 10x10 plan fell through. Part of the issue was that it was via Yucata and that meant some games lasted weeks. At the same time, I did end up playing more of games that I wouldn’t have played otherwise. So, no regrets and I have an even better appreciation for the King of Siam. 10x10 goals may be better with real-time play. Maybe I’ll try a 5x5 goal with Boardgame Arena.

As for sticking to my kickstarter goals and making more print-and-play games, I did great on that. Which makes sense since they are kind of dovetailed together this year. I’m still sticking to smaller print-and-play projects but I have been still making and playing them more and more.

I didn’t end up doing as much face-to-face gaming, although I do treasure the gaming that I did do. However, I did get into what has ended up being a fairly consistent and very good D&D campaign on Roll20, which has been my first Roll20 experience. In fact, I think that is the highlight of my 2017 as far as gaming is concerned.

Soooo, it wasn’t a banner year in gaming for me. However, I still did some neat stuff. Like I said, my print-and-play activity went up a lot and I spent a fair bit of time exploring the solitaire options there. And I got to play Fifth Edition D&D and use Roll20 for the first time at the same time.

Still, I’m going to try and push 2018 a little more.

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