Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Glancing at Knizia’s approach to MtG

I’m a bit of an oddball because I prefer Scarab Lords/Minotaur Lords to Blue Moon/Blue Moon Legends. Both families are generally considered to be Reiner Knizia’s response to collectible card games like Magic so it’s kind of only natural to compare them.

My preference has pretty much nothing to do with the actual games itself. No one on my old gaming circles was interested in Blue Moon but there were one or two guys who really dug the Lords so I got to play it a lot more.

Truth to tell, if I had a chance to play more Blue Moon, I might change my mind. And, truth to tell, the games approach similar ideas in different ways, so comparing them might not make that much sense.

Both games involve old school deck building. You know, where you build the deck before you start playing :P And both have a core mechanic of using cards to build up numbers.

However, the Lords games are more traditional game in a box. You have core decks that you can tweak a little through out a multi-round game. The Blue Moon family has far more decks, which serve as a pool of cards to build, making it more like a traditional deck builder :D

In my very limited experience, I think that the Lords games have more intricate actual ‘in the game’ play. Blue Moon seems to have more simple game play but much more complex deck building and meta game. While I bought and have kept most of the original decks, I haven’t looked through them so I’m sure there’s a lot of complexity I haven’t seen.

I’m torn between which game I’d like to explore more. I think that the Lords Games are more manageable and I already know them better. However, I think that really exploring the Blue Moon family might richer. The 

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