Friday, January 4, 2019

My December PnP

Okay. Last month of the year. 

I made copies of Castle Wolfenstein, Cryptic (second copy with better quality cards), One Perfect Moment (with pictures), The Abandons, Nine Little Letters, Slicer, Rogue Force, WokouPocket Landship w/expansion, Sprawlopolis, Tales From the Satellite Titanic, Kingdom 18, Itty Bitty Dungeon, Shields Up, Coin-Age (Chicago, Oz, Thinhallan) and Mad Love. Plus, I made copies of Dragon Vault, Snakey Dice, the third Paper Pinball board, Tetdice, Dead Cabin, Dead Outpost, and Settlers of the Dead just by printing and laminating.


On the one hand, I made a lot of projects in December. And at least one of them, The Abandons, was a larger project by my standards. It was one of my most productive months.

On the other hand, I really worked hard to pace myself. I tried to spread out the crafting because it can be too easy to burn out. And that’s how you mess up projects too.

I also have to admit that I tried to clear out some of my backlog. Sometimes I’ll print out stuff and then, for one reason or another, not get around to do anything more with it. As the year went on, I realized that solitaire games are what get played so I focused more on them. Still, I had multi-player games I had printed out literally months ago so I decided it was time to make them. Frankly, they take up less space that way.

All in all, a good close to the year.

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