Monday, January 14, 2019

Milestones in my PnP life

There have been times when I feel like 2018 was when I started making PnP games but that’s balderdash. I’ve dabbled with print and play for many years. 

However, going through my notes, I can see how, since moving to Tucson, my interest in PnP really picked up. Yes, 2018 was something of a watershed year but I can see how that interest snowballed and what games and publishers were definite milestones.

Tiny Epic Defenders was a major one. Making the demo version during the Kickstarter was a big step for me as a crafter. Amusingly, it also convinced me to not back the game :D

The next major step for me was Button Shy games. Their pocket line of games gave me a wide variety of micro games to explore. They are easy enough to craft and enough of them are genuinely good enough to make them worth making.

Seriously, Button Shy opened a lot of doors for me, both in games to explore and ways of looking at both micro games and print and play games.

The last major milestone that really shook up my ideas and views was the 2017 GenCan’t Roll and Write Contest. I binged on Roll and Writes like I never had before and the best of them made me really reassess Roll and Writes as a genre. And the GenCan’t contest was also when my interest in solitaire gaming went beyond a mild interest and really snowballed.

Make no mistake. 2018 was a big year. I got a lot more serious and, more importantly, a lot more organized about print and play. It’s been a huge year for Print and Play for me but it didn’t come out of nowhere.

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