Monday, January 21, 2019

The two minutes I thought Twilight Creations was out of business

When doing some research about Twilight Creation’s Dante’s Inferno, I discovered that their website no longer existed.

Which made me rather sad and slightly surprised. Other than Easter Island (which is probably one of their more obscure games), I really don’t like any of their games and will actively avoid most of them. However, I do kind of like the company.

Don’t get me wrong. Their component quality can be questionable (Indeed, the muddy color palette of Zombiegeddon made it unplayable). Their rulebooks can be horrible. And their mechanics often seem like they need more serious playtesting.

But Twilight Creations has always struck me as a scrappy company that wasn’t afraid of experimenting and taking risks. They were making zombie games with miniatures before that was cool. Heck, they paved the way to make it cool. Sure, I hate Zombies! but I’m not going to knock the many folks who do like it and its family of games. (I will judge Munchkin fans though)

So, Twilight Creations going away made me kind of sad. I googled to double check. Facebook? They are still in business, have a Kickstarter campaign coming up and sorry about their website having issues?

Okay, that’s good :)

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