Monday, January 7, 2019

Thoughts after a year with the PnP Autumn

Autumn was the start of my PnP exploration last year, the first game I tried when I decided to start actually playing the games I was crafting.

Autumn is certainly not the first PnP game I’ve played, solitaire or otherwise. Autumn is not the best PnP game I’ve ever played. It’s not even the best tile laying PnP game I’ve played. 

However, it still marks a change in my gaming. Autumn was the game that I kept coming back to until I realized I was using it as a quick mental coffee break, a parent break to use a phrase someone else has used. And I began both looking for PnP games thar fit that niche and playing them.

My opinion of Autumn hasn’t changed much over the course of last year. It’s a very simple, very light tile laying game made up of eighteen cards. It isn’t innovative but it’s well balanced. It does pretty well as a multi-player game as well as a solitaire and I’m still having fun.

I now keep a copy of Autumn, two-player deck on one side and three-player on the other, in my bag. Plays one to three and I can gift it away if someone wants it.

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