Sunday, August 1, 2021

My July PnP


I tried to make good use of time in July and it was a particularly productive month.

This is what I made:

Alert: All Hands on Deck
Circe’s Labyrinth (2018 Solitaire Contest)
Race for the Solar System)
Elevenses for One (minimal copy)
Handful o’ Hoodoo
Capital Vices with expansions
Deadeye Dinah (2021 9-Card Contest)
Flipword (2021 9-Card Contest)
Mini Flipper (2021 9-Card Contest)
Kart Dungeon (2021 9- Card Contest)

Capital Vices was my ‘big’ project for the month. It’s been on my ‘to make’ pile for months and it was finally time.

Beyond that, I made or remade a bunch of smaller card games. My copy of Deadeye Dinah had gotten crinkled so I made a fresh one. I wanted a beater copy of Elevenses for One that would fit easier in my wallet so I skipped the backs and the timer cards. (It’s easy enough to keep track of time in my head)

I’m pretty sure August won’t see as much PnP making as July did and that’s fine. 

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